10 essential products for your dog

Many are the articles that we
They enter through the eyes when we visit the pet products stores, what
which makes it difficult for us to make the correct purchase if we are not clear in advance
What do we really need? Facing the impulses that do not lead to
Acquire items that are abandoned in a corner of the house soon,
we want to list you 10 products that
They are part of a smart purchase when we share a home with a dog.
Aim well!

1. KONG: the quintessential toy

In addition to entertaining them, dog toys have a number of extra benefits that make them a great accomplice in education and development. The English brand KONG triumphs with its food vending toys. You have them of different types and are especially recommended for dogs that disperse, stimulating both your mind and your body.

The classic model in red, is made of rubber. Its operation is very simple: the toy is filled with pate, feed or treats that the animal tries to release while it entertains and strengthens jaw and gums. An essential toy that dog owners and professionals do not stop recommending to promote good behavior and channel anxiety. The ideal is to have different models so that the feeling of challenge is constant.

 Arnes Dukier "class =" wp-image-8969 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/ Arnes-Dukier.jpg? Is-pending-load = 1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= a good harness so that your dog feels comfortable and you are safe on the walks that you do, avoiding damage on the skin and hair of the animal with materials such as nylon or cotton with padded padding. You have them with an integrated strap for maximum grip and grip, as well as with beautiful designs such as reversible Dukier .

You will have to measure the diameter of his chest just behind his paws to know which size is the most suitable for your dog, yes. Less damaging and better choice than the collar, always opt for a soft and breathable material and with the ring binding ring on the back so that the force is distributed throughout the body.

3. Deer Antler

You may have never heard of deer antler as a perfect teether for dogs but you should know that its properties are great for your best friend. The first, because it will become an entertainment with which you can satisfy your need to bite and calm your anxiety, but also because it will help you fight tartar and plaque. And, in addition, its caloric content is practically non-existent while it has a high percentage of proteins. By the way: the deer do not suffer any damage, since the antlers are collected during the spring molt in which they come off naturally.

 Dog in the car "class =" wp-image-8964 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/ 01 / Dog-car.jpg? Is-pending-load = 1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= SlowTon vest has convinced thousands of buyers in Amazon with its efficiency and adjusted price, with an appropriate and humanized adjustable design that allows the animal moves in the back seat and lies down despite being attached to the seat belt. You will prevent him from jumping into the front seat without harming him. A basic product!

5. Sheet with phone number

If, for whatever reason, our dog goes astray and someone finds it, carrying a sheet in which our contact information is read will be decisive to have it with us again. You will find them everywhere, but among those we know we can recommend those of Mr. Dog or nameplate service with 24-hour emergency service Tiendanimal . Don't even think about it!

 Dog sleeping "class =" wp-image-8965 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01 /Perro-que-duerme.jpg?is-pending-load=1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= how to get your dog not to ask for food when you are at the table we advise you to go around the bed section from your favorite store of animal products and choose the most suitable for him.

7. A raincoat in front of the rain

This is an essential garment during winter or if you live in an area where it rains often. A comfortable, practical and waterproof product with which you will prevent your dog from getting soaked and having to stay at home when the weather is bad. If you want to save a constipate and make your house dirty, a good raincoat is essential in your life, also protecting you from wind and cold air. You will find them of all colors and varieties also with pockets to store what the dog may need outside the home. Important to protect your head and ears, and better if you choose a reflective model to prevent it from going unnoticed in the dark …

8. A muzzle for travel by Metro

If you live in a city like Madrid or Barcelona you will surely want to travel in Metro with your dog. If you have read the regulation, among the access conditions is the fact that animals always travel with a muzzle, for what you will have to do with one even if it is not going to become the favorite complement of your dog . Searching the one that best suits is important, finding one that offers protection and especially comfort to the animal. You even have them anatomical, with plenty of room for him to breathe and eat and drink with him on.

 Dog walk "class =" wp-image-8966 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01 /Paseo-de-perros.jpg?is-pending-load=1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= This product will be very useful if you travel or take a simple walk with your dog, providing a large capacity container in which you can offer fresh water at any time. Made of sturdy plastic, it is easily washable and you can carry it in any pocket without any inconvenience.

10. Feeder with adjustable height

Dogs do not find it entirely comfortable to eat in a place lower than their own height, being much more comfortable to do so with the head raised, thus avoiding having to move all their weight on the front legs. Therefore, opting for a feeder that includes a support foot with adjustable height is a good idea, in addition to being recommended for older animals and for those who have problems in the cervical vertebrae. Do you dare to get one?

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