10 purposes for dog lovers

With the arrival of the new year, millions of people are looking for a moment of introspection with the aim of considering a list of purposes to pursue during the next 12 months. In front of the miraculous diets, win the Primitiva (we know you deserve it, yes …) and live with the smile on every day as if you had swallowed the agenda of Mr. Wonderful we want to propose 10 simple and appropriate goals if there is a dog in your life:

1. Spend more time with your dogs

It seems basic, but often they have to remind us of the simplest things so we don't forget them. Many times it is easy for us to mechanize the actions that have to do with our animals and that the time we share with them becomes a simple obligation. Write down in your agenda the times that you will forget about everything else and dedicate quality time. Our loved ones do not last forever and although we are delighted that our caregivers take care of your dogs whenever you need it, your love is the one they will most appreciate in their day by day.

 Dog eating "class =" wp-image-8919 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/ dog-843800_1920.jpg? is-pending-load = 1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= product reviews who take care of your dogs' food can greatly improve their quality of life. Similarly, if you have been thinking about doing a pending test on your furry or asking that question that takes days around your head, we encourage you to think less and move more.

3. Become a caretaker of Gudog and change your life

If you like dogs and have time to to walk, take care of them a few hours a day or give them accommodation, join to our network of caregivers can be a revulsive in your 2020. You Create your profile on our platform, put your rates and decide your availability. You just have to go around the profiles of your area to convince yourself. Do you dare to be part of our family?

 Adopt a dog "class =" wp-image-8920 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01 /dog-3697190_1920.jpg?is-pending-load=1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= places to adopt that we launched a few days ago and disseminate among those who are thinking of expanding the family. And if you witness any type of animal abuse, file a complaint with SEPRONA (toll-free 062), write an email to seprona@guardiacivil.org providing evidence and report to the Municipal Police.

5. Collaborate with solidarity initiatives

Every week there are endless actions in which you can participate by disseminating in social networks, assisting and supporting economically. You have a multitude of spaces in the network where you will find an updated agenda, although it is as simple as trying to search Google animal protection events and choose the one that interests you most. Sponsor and make microdonations through Teaming are other options that you will be helping to achieve a better world for animals.

 Charitable gifts "class =" wp-image-8921 jetpack-lazy-image "data-lazy-src =" https://blog.gudog.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/ gift-1420830_1920.jpg? is-pending-load = 1 "/> <noscript> <img data-attachment-id= Mr. Perro you will find a list of protectors offering this service, with examples such as ANAA ACUNR and Greyhounds & Friends . Going from shopping at the usual sites to do it in places where your money helps the most vulnerable is a precious purpose for this 2020, don't you think?

7. Promotes sterilization

Of course, we get a fool's face when we imagine the puppies that our dog would have, but then we remember the amount of rescued animals waiting for an opportunity and we think about the importance of acting responsibly. If you have already sterilized your dog, tell those who have not yet taken the step that is a key issue to improve the health and quality of life of animals, as well as unwanted litters and abandonments.

8. Break false myths

Bulos run like gunpowder, two great enemies of animals. Neither the dog's saliva heals beyond removing dirt from wounds nor a human year equals seven canines. There are many false myths installed in the imaginary of people who are good to dismantle. Nor do they see in black and white, they are not happy for the simple fact of moving the tail and there are no aggressive dogs by nature. Humans are responsible for the education we give them, as well as for breaking down these and many other fallacies …

9. Educate in animal respect

If you follow accounts on social networks that rescue animals or simply watch the newscast, it is common for you to constantly get barbarities that animals suffer at the hands of the human being. How can we change this reality? Pupil. In Animal Classroom you can find a multitude of teaching resources to put into practice with the children of your family, to raise in schools and to disseminate whenever possible. Watch with them documentaries such as 'Yo Galgo' visit a shelter or present projects such as Perruno Commitment can be more than recommended activities and decisive in his life.

10. Follow Gudog on social networks!

Because that is where you will find useful and updated material to make your dogs' lives as good as possible. We are on Facebook Twitter and Instagram . Tell us, ask what you need and do not hesitate to call us if you want to answer any questions regarding our services. And if you sign up for our community every Monday you will receive #UnLunesdePerros the newsletter favorite of our best four-legged friends, fill of recommendations and participatory actions. We can't think of anything better than having you around this coming year!

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