10 Things your dog hates that you do and may not know

Did you know that there are behaviors that you love, but they are things that your dog hates that you do? Indeed, they are small details of love that you have been doing all your life, but in reality your dog hates it.

From Collars for dogs we are going to review some of the habits that you should stop doing, since we must not forget that they are animals and we cannot always treat them the same as our friends.

Give too many kisses and hugs

Hugs are human social gestures, although for us they are wonderful and express support, love or joy, for dogs it means domination, that is, if a dog puts its paw on the back of another, it is trying to dominate it, so our dog will feel tense, threatened and scared.

For this reason, the fact that a child hugs a dog is one of the main reasons why these animals come to bite them.

As in every rule, there are exceptions, and dogs that will love to be hugged. Even if you hug him, he may not react the same way by hugging another. Just look at their behavior. If he gets tense, he takes his head away from you, avoids contact with your eyes, licks his lips, keeps his mouth closed or lowers his ears means he doesn't like your hug and is not comfortable. So, you better try to make them another kind of love.

Stroking the Head

Even if you don't believe it, one of the things that your dog hates that you do is that we touch his head. Our dog may allow us to respect it, since for him we are the leader of the pack, but that does not mean he likes it. Those little knocks on the head in the "Good Boy" plan or the caresses in the skull and the skunk are annoying and even somewhat painful for our pets, they may feel uneasy when invading their space.

The best way to pet a dog is by stroking its back or neck at the top and ending near its tail. They will thank you!

Touch their feet

 dog legs "width =" 420 "height =" 300 "/> Another thing that your dog hates you to do is cut his nails, because when you do he removes his paws. But this is not what that really bothers you, but that you touch the soles of your feet. They are extremely sensitive to touch! Oddly enough, by touching them we are tickling you, but annoying tickles. Therefore, we must avoid touching your legs and scratching your belly if we want you to enjoy the tickle. </p>
<h2> Go for a walk in a hurry without being able to explore or sniff </h2>
<p> It is important that our dog knows how to walk obediently to our side, but we must also allow him to explore his surroundings and give him time to sniff everything. </p>
<p> Dogs give great importance to their sense of smell. Thanks to this, they extract all the information from the surrounding environment. So, we must avoid those short and hurried walks to return home. </p>
<p> Go to new places, neighborhoods and different paths so that your dog enjoys sniffing everything and gives him freedom to feel happy. </p>
<h2> Maintain the strap and pull it during the ride </h2>
<p> Dogs can understand our body language, as well as our level of tension. For this reason, if you keep the leash tense during the walks you are raising the level of stress, frustration and excitement of your dog. </p>
<p> Keeping the strap strap tight during your walks is another thing that your dog hates you do. Without realizing it, you are sending an alert, nervousness or flight message, otherwise, if you keep it loose, your dog will be calm and relaxed. </p>
<p> In the same way, he will not like to be constantly pulling the belt. This will keep you alert, aware that you cannot escape even if you need it. </p>
<p> We know that with large and strong dogs it is difficult not to hit any pull, but you can use anti-torsion harnesses that help this and do not hurt the dog.</p>
<p> They want to enjoy the ride stopping, smelling, doing their needs or waving. Have a little patience during your walks! </p>
<p> <img class= cleaning products of the house, the air freshener or some strong perfume. So every time you try to leave everything shiny and use several scented cleansers, your dog has a terrible time. Try to avoid them as much as possible, some may be toxic to animals.

Bathe it too much

Dogs do need to bathe, but not as often as we do. They need their body scent to communicate with the rest. If we bathe them a lot we are damaging the layers of natural protection of your skin. We are not doing them any favors.

Most dogs will feel subjected and under pressure in a confined space while wetting and lathering. Our advice is to look at what they like more or less. They will tell you if they prefer warm, hot or cold water, use special products for dogs and base this activity on a game.

Remember that strong odors do not please you too much, so do not choose a shampoo with a lot of perfume.

Dress them up or disguise them

You might see your puppy very handsome in his winter vest, but most dogs hate clothes. So another thing that your dog hates you do is disguise or dress them.

The fur of dogs is already a natural thermal barrier that helps them withstand the cold, so they do not need shelter.

They do not feel comfortable if they cannot walk well or if they carry something that cannot be removed whenever they wish. They do not understand it, they observe that they attract a lot of attention and they will become restless.

We know that there is a big business around this phenomenon: exclusive designs, great designers, similar clothes for owners and pets, but don't forget that dogs are not interested in fashion at all. They prefer to go free and comfortable.

Things your dog hates you do like the lack of structure and rules

Dogs need rules, having rules does not make life more boring or unhappy. They are happier and more relaxed. They love knowing what they should do according to their leader. The rules make their dog life more predictable, less confusing and less stressful.

But you have to keep in mind, that they don't understand that they are allowed to jump to you when you wear household clothes, and that you don't allow it when you're dressed to go to work. Nor do they understand that you allow them to get on the couch just out of the bathroom, but when they come from the park do not allow it. They need to learn what is right and what is wrong.

Dogs enjoy knowing their limits and are positively rewarded when they do well.

A dog requires a routine that makes him feel calm. Feed it and always spend it at the same time to make you feel better.

On the other hand, try not to leave him alone for a long time. They are animals that live in a pack and will feel insecure if they are alone for a long time.

These are some of the things that your dog hates that you do, but calm down, you will discover them little by little. Try to disturb him as little as possible and enjoy as much time with him. Surely you will be rewarded.

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