A dog is adopted and thrilled to leave the shelter after so long

After waiting so long for someone to adopt him, a Pit Bull named Benny had already lost all hope.

Although he won the hearts of everyone who went to the “Carson Shelter”, a kennel that lived in Gardena, California, he was still homeless.

Fortunately, it didn’t last forever and one day, a family fell in love with him.

They decided to give him a home forever, and Benny finally managed to take his freedom walk.

However, when it came time to leave, the dog was not sure what was going on and seemed reluctant to leave the kennel.

But once he realized what was really going on …

He is VERY HAPPY and starts to wiggle and wag his tail. He’s so happy that he can’t contain his emotions.

The puppy is finally free and he will never have to worry about sleeping alone in a kennel again! Now he will be pampered for the rest of his life!

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Article translated from portaldoanimal.org