Abandoned puppy in a crate is rescued and after being fully recovered

In addition to being cruel and inhumane, abandoning animals in public places is a crime and whoever commits it should be punished with imprisonment, a fine and loss of custody of the animal, according to the laws in force in each state. More: practices like hitting, denying water or food are also considered a crime.

Denouncing is essential so that this practice is not prolonged  and unfortunate cases like that of the puppy Jiminy, do not happen.

The puppy was abandoned in a crate and went through many, many difficulties to survive. When he finally received help, he was extremely weak and malnourished.

The help came from the volunteers of the NGO Leone Humane Society, which has been rescuing homeless dogs and cats in the United States for years.

Jiminy received all the help needed to recover her weight and physical health at the Leone Humane shelter.

There, one of the volunteers, Shannon, liked the little one so much that she decided to adopt him temporarily while he was resocialized.

The boy’s first day in his new foster home was quite scary. He didn’t know where he was, he didn’t feel well and everything was strange.

But his adoptive mother never left him! Shannon knew that with his love and care, Jiminy would at least know that someone cared about him, which had never happened before.

Teaching a dog to deal with its traumas is never easy, but Jiminy has learned to face his fears and to socialize with humans once again. He also regained his weight and was transferred to a new home, where a foster family definitely took him in.

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Source; portaldoanimal.org

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