Amazing Man saves money for 10 years to buy an ambulance and help stray animals

Balu didn’t really know what he wanted to do, but one thing was for sure… he wanted to help animals.

So, after saving money for more than a decade, he bought a van and turned it into a unique ambulance service that brings injured and abandoned dogs to Palu, India, to be treated at the vet.

“At first I was a little afraid of dogs,” said Balu. “Now this is my life, I can’t help but do it. I’ll keep doing this forever. ”
In addition to driving the ambulance, Balu takes care of sick dogs and cats at home, heals their wounds and gives them medication. To fund the operation, Balu says, he charges owners who need to take the animals to the vet, about 15 cents per mile.

“I always get 5 or 6 abandoned dogs at home – some with broken legs and paws – if there’s no room in the shelters,” Balu said.

Despite his kindness, however, Balu says not everyone appreciates the work he does to help abandoned dogs, which are often seen as a nuisance.

” A lot of people like what we do, but some people don’t like to see me helping stray animals. ”

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