Avoid Bad Breath of Dogs

Does your dog smell very much? There may be times when you think your dog has a little bit of breath, but it is common and is not due to poor care on your part. You may find it very annoying, but there are several solutions to prevent bad dogs' breath.

How to avoid dogs bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is caused by bacteria found in the mouth or stomach. Being your mouth your main tool is very likely that this bacterium has been installed in it with ease.

In Collars for dogs we offer you some tips to reduce, eliminate or avoid bad breath of dogs.

Dry feed to eat

Feed your dog dry feed, since it is possible that it does not have cereals or other products, as this will help you avoid the bad breath produced by wet feed or the BARF diet . These foods cause tartar on your dog's teeth that produces a bad smell.

Brush your dog's teeth

Brush your dog's teeth

To prevent bad breath from dogs, you will need to brush their teeth, at least twice a week. Remember that you will need a soft toothbrush and a specific paste for dogs. If you get used to it when it's a puppy, then it won't give you trouble.

Home remedies

There are some foods that act against bad breath.

You can try the carrot, cinnamon or parsley, adding a little fresh parsley to the dog's food you will notice its improvement.

Another option is apple cider vinegar. If you add it raw to food or water it will have a neutralizing effect on that bad smell.

In addition, you should keep in mind that the water your dog drinks should be fresh and clean, as it will also help halitosis to be delayed.

Nylon or rubber toys

There are toys for dogs whose purpose is to clean their teeth. The most recommended are nylon or natural rubber. While your dog plays with them it will be cleaning your teeth and causing a delay in your bad breath.

Raw bones

Offer him an occasional raw bone, this will help keep his teeth clean and prevent bad breath from dogs. Keep in mind that the bone should be larger than your mouth, to avoid that it is not attractive.


There is a type of treat in stores whose purpose is to clean their mouth, thus avoiding the bad breath of dogs.

Other causes of dog bad breath

Remember, there are other causes why your dog can give off bad breath from his mouth.

For example, if your dog is older, it may not salivate properly and have more dry mouth.

In addition, some medication, poor diet or a disease such as diabetes, pharyngitis or tonsillitis may be causing this halitosis.

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