Brazilian transforms PVC pipes into feeders and drinkers for street animals

Marcos Silva Fiúza, 36, from Casa Branca (SP), works as a socio-educational agent and transforms PVC pipes into feeders and drinkers for dogs that live in the streets of his city and says, he has always liked dogs.

The idea of helping street animals came up after his ex-wife saw something similar on the internet and suggested that he do likewise.

“First I made one in front of the house, then some people saw it and liked it. In the Casa Branca, there are many dogs on the street and many people take care of them, so I decided to put the idea into practice,” Fiúza told.

After having done the first, several local companies contacted Marcos to put a feeder and drinker in front of their establishments. At the moment, eight requested kits are already in the production and installation phase.

Little house

In addition to the feeders and drinking fountains, Marcos is setting up a personalized house for a neighbor who takes care of two abandoned dogs.

“I won the ink, and God willing, it’ll be ready soon. I’m making it like a house, customized, the same color. I will put up the number of the House,” Marcos says.

According to him, the dogs in question spend the night on a blue canvas in front of his neighbor’s house, which takes care of them, but Fiúza also helps with feed.

“I intend to make more little houses, but I don’t have much time, because I work and I do beaks to make up for my income. If I were to take it with time, in three days I would be ready. It’s a hobby that I like to dedicate myself to”, he explains.


For a feeder and drinker, one meter of 100mm PVC pipe, four elbows, two lids, four clamps, eight screws with plug and pipe glue and according to Marcos, the amount spent on all these materials in a more account is around $ 70.

“I can’t personalize it because it’s expensive, but if you want to, just buy a spray that I make myself. We do it in the color of the trade, with a dog’s photo, as the person prefers. The spray costs around $ 20”, he says.
Marcos also tells that the person interested in putting a kit in front of his establishments or house just needs to donate the kit, because all the labor and installation are free.

“Actually even I didn’t want to put anything for the dogs on the street. I wish there was no dog on the street, but unfortunately, there is abandonment so my project is not to let them starve and always have something to eat, ” Fiúza explained.

There are four dogs that the 36-year-old has at home. “I think as if I were a dog, I’ve been hungry and I know what it’s like, so I put myself in their place, hungry, with nothing to eat, pacing back and forth with people slamming their doors in their faces.”

According to him, the residents loved the initiative. “There are a lot of people asking, here in Casa Branca many people protect the animals.

Your plans for the future

Marcos plans to open a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which he intends to call “Amparo” and which recently opened the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ).

Everything he has done so far only makes him more willing to fight for animals. “It is a very enjoyable pleasure, brings peace to me, strength, gives me hope. It is a gratitude when I see the dogs and it seems that they want to thank me. This gratitude brings peace into my soul.

“My dream is to make a shelter for the street animals, not a shelter like the jail they get stuck in, but a bigger place they can go out and run,” he said.

Fiúza explained that she is awaiting the donation of a 5,000-meter piece of land from the city council, but that the process is in progress. “The project is not on paper, only in my] head, but I intend to make little shops for the pet in the shelter and revert the money to the NGO,” he said.

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