Butcher loses kitten who was his ‘best’ customer and creates a replica of her in the store in his memory

A butcher from Turkey fed a fluffy kitten every day. It could be said that she was his best customer – she had no owner and lived on the street, but ended up being very loved by the butcher, who fed her every day. 

But, something sad happened: the kitten ended up dying. With sadness in his heart, the butcher decided to pay homage to the animal and made a cardboard replica so that it was always present in the place. 

Watch the video showing the kitten making the request:

This beautiful and emotional story was revealed on the social network Facebook, when a user published the photos and a text: “This butcher was feeding this stray kitten every day, the kitten died and he made a replica in the same position it was in, as well as a small pit ”.

The publication quickly went viral, and many people expressed their opinions. On his grave, he left the inscription “Jade, the cat known all over the world, rest in peace here”.

Source; portaldoanimal.org

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