Cat lives ‘double life’ until one of the owners finds out and sends a letter to meet the other owner

Unlike our beloved playful dogs, cats are known for their above-normal independence. They have their code of ethics, with the famous “sandbox” and even if they leave the house to go for a “ride”, their owners know they will always come back. This is exactly the case with Nilo.

Nile is a kitten that was adopted by Héctor Morales as a cat. Born to a local mongrel, the little boy has inherited an insatiable desire for outdoor adventures.

So, although his owner gives him a lot of affection, food and love, the feline has always made a point of giving his getaways – but of course, always returning to his home.

Héctor knows that his cat is extremely independent, so he never cared much and always allowed his “rebel teenager” to escape. However, as Nilo got older, he started spending more time away from home, until a point came when he spent days away from home!

In spite of everything, his owner had no way of “scolding him”, so he was just worried, thinking that his ‘son’ was experiencing some difficulty on the street. But there was one fact that did not fail to surprise him:

“He always came back as if nothing had left,” said Morales. “Calm and fatter too .”

Héctor knew something was not coming together – but it didn’t last long, because recently he was notified of his feline’s exploits.

One day, when the kitten returned home from his “ride”, he brought a note attached to his collar. “It was surreal,” said Morales.

Here is what was written on the note:

“We are the other family of ‘Angelo’, when he is not at home, he is in ours.”

Yesmm, Nilo was living a ‘double life’ and, although he felt a little betrayed at first, Héctor was grateful, because now he knew his pet was safe and loved, I mean, they even gave him a name!

“When I thought about it, I was grateful that another family took care of it and even gave it a name,” said the boy.

After a few days, Nilo was ready to leave again. So, his dad decided to write a note to his cat’s other family in return.

“Could you give me your number to leave it there for the holidays?” wrote Héctor. “PS: Nilo ate tuna before he left.”

Our little “spy” may no longer be able to cheat his parents and have 2 meals in a row, but he certainly has plenty of love to give and donate!

“Cats decide who they love,” said Morales. “If we love them back, we can’t deny them.”

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