Chihuahua Breed Info Information: Quirks, Photos, Persona & Information

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Intro / Overview

(All canine are people, which suggests any single canine from any breed might be any variety of methods, each good and never so good. Hold that in thoughts as we talk about breed generalities!)

Chihuahuas are famously small, however this breed has a colossal persona. Labeled as a toy breed, these little pups are sometimes chock filled with confidence and angle. In truth, they’ll possible maintain their very own amongst canine who’re ten instances their dimension. Nonetheless, to those they love, Chihuahuas have a fame for being intensely loyal, protecting, and candy canine.

The world’s smallest canine breed additionally has an enchanting historical past, a fun-loving aptitude, and a mischievous facet. Though this little bruiser isn’t for everybody, Chihuahuas could make for wonderful companions. When you’re searching for love in miniature type, the Chihuahua is likely to be the precise canine for you.

Additionally Recognized As…

Chi. Chi-chi. Little Nugget. Mr. Large. Gidget. Hell-raiser. “That’s the most important little canine I’ve ever seen!”


Chihuahuas are one of many oldest canine breeds on the earth. Most historians agree that they originated in Chihuahua, the biggest state in Mexico. Though they, in fact, weren’t named Chihuahuas on the time, Mexicans began promoting them to American vacationers within the late 1800s after they crossed the border from Texas. It was throughout these exchanges that the canine picked up the title of its residence state.

But, even earlier than this, it’s speculated that Chihuahuas are the descendants of the traditional canine, Techichi. These thin-framed companion canine roamed pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations. Later, in the course of the interval of the Mayans (1800 BC to 900 AD) these 10-20 pound canine had been typically discovered buried with their people. Archeologists have additionally found collectible figurines of those canine, which share many related traits with the trendy day Chihuahua.

Some historians additionally guess that Chihuahuas had been created by way of the breeding of Techichi canine and Chinese language Crested canine, which regularly weigh in at 10 kilos. Others argue that these canine have European descent. Nonetheless, new DNA proof helps the speculation that Chihuahuas are the great-great-great grandchildren of historic Mexican canine. In the present day, they are often discovered as companion animals all around the world.


Tiny! This breed is 5-Eight inches tall.

Weight Vary

Not exceeding six kilos.


Chihuahuas don’t obtain a variety of recognition for his or her mild natures, however maybe they need to. This breed grew in recognition in the course of the early 1900s, partially resulting from their candy inclinations and adoration of their people. Nonetheless, their spectacular “massive canine” personalities get much more consideration for apparent causes. Chihuahuas are intelligent canine that can rule your private home (and your neighborhood) within the absence of different management.

These little canine are additionally recognized to be extremely dedicated to only one or two individuals of their households. Though they’re much less more likely to be a good friend to everybody, they’re nonetheless typically enjoyable loving and entertaining. Plus, Chihuahuas make wonderful pocket-sized guard canine. They’ll possible yap at any intruder, be it the mailman, the neighbor’s cat, or a squirrel.

Intelligence / Trainability

This tiny breed is alert and vivacious, making them extremely trainable. Regardless of their intimidating attitudes, Chihuahuas are sometimes desirous to please their human companions. Thus, by way of optimistic and clear coaching practices, most Chihuahuas ought to be taught a wide range of duties and behaviors rapidly. They’ll additionally possible excel in obedience lessons, so long as they’re not overwhelmed by a lot bigger, overexcited canine.

Remember that this breed wants a powerful chief. Once they’re itty-bitty puppies, individuals could make the error of letting Chihuahuas do need they need. But, regardless that they’re small, each canine deserves to be effectively socialized and educated in order that they’ll exist peacefully amongst others. With out path and steering, they’re liable to take over and rule with a feisty fist.

Excellent Setting

Chihuahuas are supreme city pets. Their dimension makes them excellent for any apartment-dweller. In addition they take pleasure in each day walks and even video games of fetch within the park, which could be very doable in a metropolis. But, this breed traditionally spends instances within the villages and rural areas of Mexico. Subsequently, this little munchkin may also be an excellent suburban canine.

Because of the Chihuahua’s dimension, it’s essential to bear in mind the specter of dangerous climate and predators. Particular care have to be taken when the temperature drops within the winter, as Chihuahuas have skinny coats and low physique fats. Moreover, these canine are so small that they’re susceptible to wildlife. When you’re in an space the place birds of prey, coyotes, or raccoons could also be current, all the time hold your Chihuahua on a leash straight subsequent to you. Or, higher but, tuck them safely inside your purse or coat.

Good For Households And Youngsters?

Relies on the Chihuahua and/or child! Chihuahuas are too delicate to cope with roughhousing from younger kids. (Not that any canine ought to must cope with roughhousing.) In addition they would possibly growl, snap, or chunk when feeling threatened by children. As they’re way more inclined to damage resulting from their small stature, it’s greatest to have Chihuahuas round older, well-behaved kids.

That stated, round accountable and calm children, Chihuahuas is usually a fantastic canine. They typically like taking part in fetch, cuddling on the sofa, and taking a stroll across the block. Simply watch the place you step whenever you stay with a Chihuahua!

Common Lifespan

Chihuahuas are one of many longest dwelling canine breeds with a median life expectancy of 14-16 years.

Well being

This breed is mostly wholesome. Over the many years although, as Chihuahuas have been bred to turn out to be smaller and smaller, some medical issues have arisen. If shopping for a Chihuahua from a breeder, it’s essential to display for frequent well being points. These points embody coronary heart issues, eye illness, patellar luxation, and epilepsy.

When selecting a accountable breeder, you’ll additionally wish to keep away from phrases like “teacup” or “miniature.” These phrases typically point out Chihuahuas which have been bred right down to turn out to be even smaller, even when well being points come up. On condition that these variations in breed aren’t acknowledged by any canine breed organizations, it’s additionally possible that breeders are merely charging more cash for a similar sort of canine. The one acknowledged differentiations in Chihuahuas are variations of their coat and the form of their head: “deer head” or the rounded “apple head” variations.


Chihuahuas could also be small, however they’re nonetheless mighty. Relying on the athleticism and bodily capabilities of every particular person canine, Chihuahuas might profit from a gradual each day trot to the park. Others might take pleasure in two quick however brisk walks a day. The vast majority of these little canine take pleasure in operating, taking part in, and chasing toys in a small area.

Remember that, with this breed, there’s a danger of overexertion. If a Chihuahua begins to pant, lies down, or is struggling to maintain up, it’s time to scoop her up and carry her residence.

Pleasant With…(Canine? Strangers? Cats/different pets?)

One of many pleasurable elements of dwelling with a Chihuahua is watching them boldly prance across the room, greeting anybody who arrives. They’re additionally typically cautious and even standoffish with strangers on the road, however might be socialized to turn out to be extra heat.

Whereas some Chihuahuas can turn out to be over-sheltered and develop low shallowness or concern, they’re typically pleasant with different canine and cats. That acknowledged, low shallowness—in addition to overprotectiveness and dominance—can all manifest as reactivity. Like all canine, this breed must be socialized and educated earlier than visiting the canine park or rooming with a cat.

It’s additionally essential to maintain Chihuahuas’ security in thoughts round different animals always. Additional small and/or meek-mannered Chihuahuas are particularly susceptible to assault.

Coat & Grooming

Chihuahuas are available two totally different coat varieties: smooth-coat or longhaired. The graceful-coat Chihuahua wants very minimal brushing to maintain wanting dapper. Longhaired Chihuahuas require extra upkeep. It’s advisable that you simply brush them not less than as soon as every week to keep away from any mats or tangles.

Whereas this breed often retains itself very clear, occasional bathing may also assist hold them wanting their greatest.

Toys Chihuahuas Would Like Greatest

They could be little, however these resilient canine typically have a powerful chunk! Petite however sturdy Tremendous Chewer Toys will possible hold a Chihuahua occupied for weeks, months, or years. Many Chihuahuas additionally love taking part in fetch with small squeaky toys or balls.

After all, in addition they like to cuddle up with mushy Plush Toys.

For a extra in depth record, try the next article: What Are The Greatest Toys For Chihuahuas?

Beneficial Weight loss program

Resulting from their small stature, Chihuahuas are extra vulnerable to weight problems than different breeds. On prime of standard each day train, this canine also needs to obtain a top quality nutritious diet. Do not forget that treats can even add up in a short time for a six-pound animal. Solely present snacks or rewards occasionally and in miniature quantities.

Does your Chihuahua endure from anxiousness or joint ache? Take into account making an attempt a number of the beneath dietary supplements. However as all the time, seek the advice of your veterinarian first.

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

BARK’s Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is fabricated from organically grown complete vegetation, grown in Colorado, and is non-psychoactive. It is available in 100mg, 250mg, and 500mg varieties, and may also help with pet anxiousness and ache aid. ($17.99-22.99.)

Glucosamine Complement For Hip & Joints

This joint complement is veterinarian-formulated, made with all pure elements (glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid), and comes within the type of 150 mushy chews. Principally, it appears and tastes identical to scrumptious treats, and it may actually assist your Bulldog with their hip and joint points. ($32.99.)

Beneficial Merchandise

For older Chihuahuas or canine struggling with arthritis or joint ache (and even simply Chihuahuas who wish to sleep so much!), a cushty, supportive canine mattress might be a good suggestion.

Orthopedic Extremely Plush Reminiscence Foam Mattress

BarkBox Bed For Dogs With Hip Dysplasia

This canine mattress is nice for supporting your pup’s drained physique. A top quality mixture of ergonomic reminiscence foam and gel foam helps ease physique aches, joint ache, hip dysplasia and arthritis. This mattress presents the most effective therapeutic assist to your hardworking pal. ($27.99-64.99.)

Notable Rescues To Discover The Chihuahua Of Your Desires

  • Chihuahua Rescue & Transport is a foster-based group that locations Chihuahuas in houses throughout the U.S. Sadly, tiny Chihuahua puppies are sometimes bought by individuals inexperienced with canine. Once they grow old, they’re deserted. This rescue seeks to avoid wasting these canine in these circumstances.
  • I Love My Chi Database can be an excellent place to begin when seeking to undertake a Chihuahua. Once more, resulting from over breeding and excessive charges of abandonment, there are a lot of of those canine searching for houses. Thus, most states have not less than a number of native Chihuahua rescue.
  • Adoptable Chihuahuas on Petfinder

Notable Instagram Chihuahuas


These senior rescue Chihuahuas (and their youthful rescue kitten sibling) aren’t solely unimaginable lovely, however they’re additionally extremely good at advocating for the adoption of older pets!


Mervin is a senior rescued Chihuahua now dwelling the nice life in New York Metropolis. With a tongue that flops exterior of his mouth, massive spherical eyes, and an entire wardrobe of costumes and garments, little Mervin will soften your coronary heart.


View this put up on Instagram

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A put up shared by mucco (@mucco623) on Jun 7, 2019 at Eight:06pm PDT

This Japanese Instagram account options two of the cutest Chihuahuas round. This pair can typically be noticed doing “zoomies” in parks, wrapped up in towels after a shower, or taking part in with their rescued Cocker Spaniel friends.

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