Couple sees a photo of a sad dog and adopts it immediately, despite the shelter’s advice not to adopt

Jessica Williams couldn’t wait until her birthday came to adopt a dog. She was very excited! Jessica’s boyfriend Jared finally accepted the idea of ​​adopting a dog when they moved into the new apartment.

She just needed to look online to see what her future dog would be like. That was when she saw him. A sad-faced dog that broke his heart, needed her now. His name was Benji, a dog who was picked up in Los Angeles and taken to a big, bustling city shelter. He was a nervous boy and was allergic to fleas, so he lost most of his hair.

According to her, he had been there at the shelter for 10 days, and was not adapting. He was nervous, snarled and would not let anyone approach.

When the couple arrived at the shelter and told the team that they were interested in adopting Benji, the team was reticent. They knew that the dog needed a lot of care and training. The team even tried to convince them not to adopt Benji, but Jessica and Jared did not listen and were firm in their decision.

Jessica said: “The shelter also told us that he was not friendly and refused to take us to a quiet waiting area to meet him, because ‘he would not be a dog that would come to us. We knew that he had a great chance of being sacrificed and did not want him to die. “

The meeting with Benji only solidified what the couple already suspected. They adopted Benji, signed the necessary papers and made the long journey home. to have welcomed you into your little family.

On the drive, Benji was very nervous, but Jessica and Jared knew that this was totally normal. But when they got home, Benji started to behave exactly as the shelter staff said he would. He retired to a corner and seemed to have no interest in his new home.

But after a few days, something magical happened. Benji realized that he was finally safe. The dog that nobody wanted – the dog with the saddest face – started playing! “He loves to get on his lap and lick our faces and play with his toys”said Jessica.

He recently arrived, but he became a true member of the family. He loves to go on new adventures with Jessica and Jared.

Benji’s story is a reminder that ALL shelter dogs need only have one chance. When they get out of this scary environment, a million things can change.

The saddest dog in the shelter has not stopped smiling!

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