Custom doormats for dogs and cats

What an illusion made us receive the personalized doormat from Uma to welcome visitors!

And it could not be for other hands than those of Elena Kaede a craftswoman and professional photographer who is dedicated to personalizing our pet’s doormats.

Well, doormats, cups, bags … And on top of annual agendas of which we are super fans.

We want to show you the result of our order: a doormat for the house entrance where Uma is the real queen.

Custom pet door mats

You don’t know how long we wanted a personalized doormat for Uma, but between some things and others the time didn’t come.

The time has come and we can already presume to have a quality mat, super original and with a clear message: whoever comes should know that who is in charge at home is Uma.

We chose the message “Welcome to the kingdom of Uma” because it is the one we liked the most, but there are other messages to choose super originals:

  • Here he sends…
  • Welcome to the kingdom of…
  • Personalized message.
  • No phrase.

Also, you can Put all the pets you want. At home because we only have Uma, but if for example we had another dog and a cat, or Uma and a cat, then we could put as many names as we were at home.

What is a pass? You also have several measures to choose from depending on the number of animals that appear on the doormat.

As we had a very wide entrance as it was a terraced house with a garden, we asked for an extra large size even if only Uma appeared so that there would not be a too small doormat.

And the result has made us fall in love.

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<p> Well, we and half the neighborhood that have hallucinated with the originality of it. </p>
<h2> What if I don't want a personalized doormat? </h2>
<p> Then you also have at your disposal very original doormats of dog character that will hallucinate you. </p>
<p> Look how wonderful: </p>
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<p> As you can see, a great gift either for your home or for family and friends that will surprise you and is one of those gifts that you are right for sure. </p>
<p> A good <strong> <a href= gift proposal for this Christmas !

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