Deworming cats at home to keep dogs healthy too

The prevention and treatment of parasites is the greatest care that dogs require, but it is a bit complicated if there are other pets such as cats.

To solve it, there are different types and treatments against these infections, but you also have to know the basics to understand if something happens to either of them.

One of the issues of most concern for dog adopters is knowing how to control their parasites, because they are also the "gateway" for others to arrive, and with them, serious diseases.

It is quite normal to have cats at home today, and unfortunately, parasites are a normal part of their lives, which increases the risk of infection in canines.

Types of parasites

The parasites in cats and dogs are categorized into two types according to where they are.

External parasites are those that are on the animal, that is, in fur, skin and ears.

On the other hand, inmates are those who lodge inside their body, and mostly do so in the stomach, although some also reach the heart and lungs.

Within external parasites, fleas are the most common and the main source of concern for caregivers.

In fact, some dogs have very sensitive skin and develop allergic dermatitis to bites.

The main symptom is scratching because fleas are insects that feed on blood.

In contrast, ticks are much less common.

They feed in the same way as fleas, with the host's blood, but the ticks get stuck in the part of the body from which they are feeding.

They are somewhat difficult to spread, so they are not usually of major concern.

Meanwhile, lice are attracted mostly by the weakest cats, that is, the sick and the youngest, and from here they usually reach the dogs at home.

There are also mites that settle on the skin and cause problems such as otitis and scabies. In addition, there are fungi and borer worms, which cause gusaneras in open wounds.

On the other hand, among the internal parasites there are three intestinal ones that most frequently affect pets.

The first are tapeworms, quite recognizable, because their eggs are seen in the feces in the form of rice.

Hookworms adhere to the wall of the intestine to feed, causing bleeding that is evidenced as bloody diarrhea and anemia.

Meanwhile, dogs and cats with round worms have a swollen abdomen. These can pass to the heart and lungs if they proliferate too much.

Some methods for deworming

Learning how to deworm a cat is important to keep dogs healthy at home, even if it is not so obvious.

The reason is that both animals tend to interact and the parasites spread to each other. This is especially dangerous if it reaches dogs because they normally interact a lot with humans.

What first applies are pipettes in the back of the pets' neck, so they can't lick and make their infection bigger than it already is.

It is placed in different doses and at different time intervals, depending on the brand. They also serve for prevention.

Highly effective sprays are used for external parasites, but do not affect pets.

They eliminate the plague immediately, and have an action time between two and four weeks. Many times they are preferable over the tablets, because they are easier to apply than sprays, even though they have the same immediate effect.

Special flea shampoos act against ticks and lice as well. They help remove these pests, but they do not work as a preventive treatment, and are usually not as strong as sprays.

Parasitic collars are used as a preventive measure because they prevent pests from adhering to the fur, but do not serve to remove them once they are already in the animal's body.

You have to change them quite frequently because the effect does not last long. They are very useful for protecting dogs because they are used to wearing a collar.

Internal parasites are more delicate to treat because their treatments have very different effects from each other.

In these cases it will be necessary to take both animals to the veterinarian if an infection is suspected, because it is possible that one of the two has not yet developed obvious symptoms.

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