Dog carts: when to use them?

Dogs are the pets that have more accessories, from collars of different colors to clothes and dog carts. Yes, carts.

Dog carts are similar to strollers that are used for babies, but exclusively designed for dogs.

These dog carts can easily be found in online pet stores, such as Amazon where you will find a huge variety.

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<figcaption> This cart supports up to 32 kilos of weight and you can find it in <strong> <a href= Amazon .

When should a dog cart be used?

There are different types of carts, because they have different uses.

Not only are they used to go for a walk in those breeds, especially brachycephals but they are perfect for dogs with some movement problem, that is, they help the dog that has some physical difficulty.

Normally, adopters acquire these cars to be a support in order to improve the quality of life of the dog.

Just as there are humans who get tired of various ailments, dogs too, and having a cart at that time will be a relief for both.

Any healthy dog ​​must perform physical activity for physical and mental balance.

Now, as I have said, certain races due to their characteristics or ailments cannot be exceeded in daily physical activity.

Then, after a good and long walk, there is nothing wrong with returning home inside the cart, or traveling part of the way in it. In the end, the adopter will know the best time to use it with his dog.

In general, dogs have a lot of energy that they must release when running and exercising, but when it comes to small breeds, having a cart will be very useful. Small dogs get tired faster if what we want is a long journey and we want our dog to accompany us.

It is also perfect for elderly dogs.

So, after a short walk appropriate to his pace, he could return home or rest a little in the cart. Similarly, dog carts are good for those who are a little overweight.

Many adopters do not know how often the dog cart can or should be used.

In this case, the answer will depend on each person and the dog.

However, it is best to use it in situations that really need it.

Remember that it is important that the dog walks a little every day. For that reason, one recommendation is to use it once a week.

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<figcaption> This cart supports up to 60 kilos of weight. You can find it in <strong> <a href= Amazon .

Advantages of using dog carts

Having and using dog carts has many advantages. By knowing them, it will be easier to determine if you need one for your pet or not.

  • Ideal for elderly dogs.
  • It allows adopters to have greater mobility with their dogs.
  • Ideal for dogs who have difficulties when walking.
  • They are safer than leashes.
  • Perfect for dogs that have joint problems or some other pathology that prevent you from traveling normally.
  • Carts are a good option to visit places where there are many people. Many dogs feel nervous in the midst of people they don't know, but with the cart they will feel a lot of protection.
  • Perfect for the dog to walk a little, take sun and become familiar with the environment, especially when it is a place unknown to him.
  • When a dog has been home for some days at home problem, rest or recovery, the first contact with the street, it is better to do it with a cart. Thus, little by little he will get used to the walk again.
  • Ideal for puppy dogs when long walks are made. Also, puppies don't get used to the leash so easily, so the cart is an excellent option.
  • Apart from being a cart to take the dog, it also allows you to take other things from your pet. They have space for their food, water, among others. Without a doubt, dog carts are very practical.
  • The dog and his adopter will enjoy the walks much more.

Disadvantages of using the dog cart

Although the cart can be very good for dogs, it has some disadvantages that are important to consider:

  • The dog can get used to the cart. This means that you can prefer car rides and avoid walking. This is not good, because dogs need to have constant physical activity.
  • The biggest disadvantage is that the adopter humanizes the dog and buys the cart without need, just to "walk" his furry son.
  • Depending on the use of the car, it requires Let it be cleaned continuously. Each exit means a cleaning. That for many adopters is a disadvantage.

Buying a dog cart on a whim to pamper the dog when it does not need it physically is very counterproductive, affecting not only emotionally, but physically and over all socially.

Choose the best dog cart

Dog carts have many advantages and factors that make them an accessory that every adopter should have.

However, it is always important to make sure it is the best. That way the investment is protected when you buy it and it is guaranteed to be the ideal cart.

It is important that the type of cart material does not cause problems for the dog's skin.

There are many dogs allergic to some materials and it is better to prevent that from happening.

To avoid this, it is best to have the support of the veterinarian. This guarantees your safety in that regard.

There are many dog ​​breeds and of course they are all of different sizes.

The carts too, there is one for each size of dog.

Therefore it is necessary to acquire the one that is perfect for the dog.

If the dog is small, it must be a car in which the dog is comfortable. If it is very large, it will feel insecure and will be an impractical accessory.

Instead, if it is a large dog, the adopter must make sure to buy the perfect size, that is, it is not small.

  • Practical and easy to use:

Dog carts are a very interesting accessory, but that is not enough, they should be practical and easy to use.

A cart should be easy to carry for a family outing. It must also be foldable, which allows its practical mobility.

Normally dog ​​carts are made with waterproof material for easy washing and maintenance.

At the same time, it must be easy to disassemble to be able to clean them thoroughly in case the dog loses a lot of hair.

During the walk, the dogs do not all the time go in the car, for a moment they get off, play and return to the car. Therefore, they can bring a lot of dirt that to clean it properly it is necessary to disassemble the cart.

The carts are designed for the comfort of the dog, so that they have a quiet, happy and pleasant ride inside it. The adopter must verify this well, to choose the perfect one for the comfort of his pet.

The adopter must verify the quality of the cart. You should make sure you buy a good cart that can easily withstand any type of surface. For example: on earth, in the street, among others. Being a quality cart, it will support that and more.

An advice? A cart with large wheels is always more comfortable than a cart with small wheels.

Regardless of the size of the dog, the cart must be safe for them. You must protect them at all times.

It must be a cart that holds the dog correctly to avoid an accident during the walk. In addition, you should prevent the dog from sticking out of it.

Other aspects to consider are:

  • The brand of the cart. That is of good quality. In addition, if any part of the car is damaged, being a good brand you can easily find the spare part. For example, one of its wheels.
  • Usability to be given.
  • The type of pet that will use it.
This cart is perfect for traveling and only for use on flat ground. You will find it in Amazon .

Types of carriages for dogs

There are four types of carts and each can support a specific weight of a dog. Those carts are:

  • Small: ideal for dogs between 10 and 16 kilos. Normally small breeds such as Chihuahua or Bichón Bolognese.
  • Medium: for dogs weighing between 15 and 25 kilos. As well as the Poodle.
  • Large: for dogs weighing more than 25 kilos. For example: the German shepherd.
  • Adjustable: these carts adapt or adjust to the size of the dog.
  • Orthopedic: they change according to the size of the dog.

Dog carts with disabilities

These types of carts are made by experts, that is, by a canine orthopedist.

Many of these carts are also easily found in online or physical pet stores. Even, although it may not seem like it, they are cheap.

These carts are a bit different from conventional ones, because they serve as a wheelchair for the pet.

They are also adjustable, allowing the dog to be as comfortable as possible. All this thanks to the height, length and width adjustment.

Similarly, you can find wheelchairs adapted to your dog at a very good price at Amazon .

Tips for washing and caring for the dog cart

It is not enough that the cart be easy to care if a hygiene routine is not met.

It is important that the adopter maintain a regular cleaning, according to the use he gives to the cart.

By maintaining a cleaning routine, not only is the cart kept clean, but it allows it to last longer, it is a way to take care of it.

Without a doubt, it is a way to save money, because you avoid buying another. Good maintenance of the cart will significantly extend its useful life.

Dog carts according to the weather: cold or hot

Not every day of departure with our pet is cold or hot, every day is different, so you have to take some precautions.

If the day is cold, the adopter must ensure that the cart is protected.

Also, you must provide the dog in the cart with a warm blanket. Another option is to put warm clothes on the dog.

On the other hand, if the weather is hot, it is important that the cart is ventilated and that it does not have hot sheets or blankets.

As for the dog's clothes, he can wear a fresh or nothing.

Likewise, it is important that the adopter during the walk brings fresh water so that the dog is always kept hydrated.

How to help the dog to get used to using the cart?

When dogs know a new place, it is not so easy at first to adapt. Not for everyone. With the dog cart it could be the same.

When acquiring a dog cart, many adopters have the same question, will my dog ​​like the cart ?, but in the end it is best to try it patiently, in case of not succeeding on the first attempt.

Normally, when a dog first enters a cart, it feels good and likes it, but it may happen that it does not want to and get off immediately.

If so, it is better to go slowly to get used to. With great peace of mind and prizes to reinforce his behavior, so that the dog has confidence soon.

Some recommendations for the dog to feel calm in the cart are:

  • Place the dog inside the cart without moving it. The purpose is to familiarize yourself with the cart and feel that it is not a bad thing. This should be done every day without pressing the dog. You must give it enough time to see the car as normal in its day to day.
  • Another option is to simply leave the cart in a visible place. The idea is that the dog see it constantly as something in the house. That way, you won't feel intimidated.
  • Place some of your favorite toys inside the cart so you can see that nothing happens. The point is to associate it with something good or with something fun.
  • If the dog stays in the cart for a few minutes, try to move it very smoothly. Avoid fast movements. If at any time you feel scared, it will be difficult to start over. Patience is the key in these cases.
  • An interesting trick is to walk a long time with the dog and then go shopping for the cart. As the dog will be tired, perhaps he will not put up resistance when riding. Once the dog is in the cart, pass it slowly so that you understand that the walk continues and it is not bad


Uma has never needed a cart to move.

Fortunately, he has never had problems on any hike or excursion we have done and has never suffered any medical condition that prevented him from walking.

Now, if one day I needed a cart, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one to improve their quality of life as much as possible.

Never forgetting that physical activity is essential regardless of the age of the dog.

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