Dog found alone on the road, takes his rescuers to his abandoned friends in the bush

A rescue group received a call from a stranger who saw an abandoned calf near a road and was in danger. Rescuers quickly drove several kilometers to reach the scene.

When they arrived, in the distance they saw a puppy sitting beside a worn pillar.

He looked very young, but when they approached, scared he ran into the woods. Determined to save him, the rescuers very calmly tried to call him, and were startled by what they saw. There were more puppies – they had been abandoned there and would not survive if they were not saved.

Then, knowing they were hungry, the rescuers put food on the floor and as expected, they approached.

While they ate, Milan, one of the rescuers, was still hoping that Mom would come out and join them. But there was no mother in sight. After they ate, Milan gathered them to bring them to safety.

When the puppies were already in the van, Milan looked again for the mom, but unfortunately she was not with them.

The puppies were taken to the shelter, where they are receiving tons of love and proper care.

Now they will receive veterinary drugs and vaccines and then be adopted.

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