Dog nursery in Cuauhtémoc

If you are looking for the best lodging for dogs in Cuauhtémoc, whether in Atlampa, Santa María de los Insurgentes, San Simón Tolnahuac, Peralvillo, Valle Gómez … You are at the right place.

Take care of my pet is something like a dating app in the City Hall of Cuauhtemoc, only instead of finding a partner, they will find the perfect caretaker for your dog in Exhipódromo de Peralvillo, Maza, Felipe Pescador, Nonoalco Tatlelolco, Morelos or where you live.

And why are we talking about dog kindergartens and not caregivers? Because each of our caregivers prepares a perfect nursery at home with a cot for him, his drinking fountain, playground and rest so he feels at home .

For each Cuauhtemoc dog there is a caretaker and a nursery for him

We say that Take Care of My Pet is almost, almost like a cell phone application for appointments because it does not give you a list without more of the best caretakers for him in Santa María La Ribera, Buenavista, Guerrero, Centro or Tabacalera, but we filter until he finds the perfect one for him; until we match.

And not all dogs in Mexico are the same right? Surely all the time you have been living together in your home in San Rafael, Juarez or North Rome has been enough to know their particularities, what they like and what they don't, and for that the caretaker you choose for him has to be prepared .

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If you live in Hippodrome Condesa, Condesa, Hipódromo, Roma Norte or Roma Sur you can meet some of our best caretakers who have their accommodation ready for your dog.

As you will see in our search engine, each caregiver specializes in a different pet. And how have they specialized? The truth is that many of them are people who have lived with dogs all their lives, but who today cannot take care of one 24 hours a day. That is why they give up their services and their experience to take good care of yours and give them all the love they deserve.

The perfect dog hotel in Buenos Aires, Algarin, Asturias and Enlargement

Other of our caregivers are ethologists or veterinarians who spend their free time to surround themselves with those animals they love so much. These caregivers are the most sought-after, since the dog hotel they have in their home will not only worry about watching your dog when you are not, they can also give you advice on how to improve their relationship.

This is important. Many dog ​​owners who live in Vista Alegre or Paulino Navarro call us doubtful because they are not able to leave their dogs with other people. The truth is that it is beneficial for them, because many times we fall into the error of generating excessive attachment between us.

In our canine nurseries in Centro, Tabacalera and Juárez, your dog will be very comfortable

The hyperapego occurs between a caregiver and its owner when he has a relationship with his animal as if it were a human or a baby, rather. Dogs have huge eyes and are adorable, they love us very much and need our affection, but for their mental health they need to be dogs, play like dogs and be treated as such.

Many of our Cuauhtémoc canine behavior experts have met with their owners to explain that their dogs suffer from separation anxiety when they are left, having to start working on correcting it .

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Pension for dogs in Morelos, Nonoalco Tlatlelolco and Atlampa anxiety specialist

Working to combat separation anxiety and attachment means teaching him to relate to the world independently, to learn to play alone and not need the continuous presence of its owner, which eventually results in greater maturity emotional, less stress problems and more happiness.

The symptoms of separation anxiety are:

  • Crying and protests when you leave
  • Destructive behavior in your absence
  • Not knowing how to walk well and pull the belt
  • Urination problems
  • Etc

The good thing about having our pet care services is that you can always go back to them when you need them, so your dog will always feel comfortable next to someone who You already know.

That is why we have installed one more option of information in the boxes of our caregivers to indicate how many times they have repeated the stay with them.

Take care of my pet, the best nursery for your dog

Thank you very much for choosing us. Remember that to enjoy our services you just have to access our search engine or download the app from your smartphone. Search for My Pet on iOS or Android, browse and find the perfect caretaker for your dog.

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