Dog takes her rescuers to her litter of 10 puppies, who needed immediate help

The following story is heartbreaking … It all started when the news that there was a stray dog ​​on the streets reached the Royal Animal Refuge staff who quickly sent two volunteers to investigate.

Catching her was not so easy, however, that was what led the team to the litter, when she escaped and entered a property. Little did they know what they were close to discovering.

When they smelled horrible and looked more closely, the incident report submitted by the Spalding County sheriff’s office shocked them: “ When walking on the animal control property, there were six animals killed in pens. There was a dog in a doghouse inside the kennel, there were dead chickens in a chicken coop, two dead ducks and two dead rabbits in different cages. ”

A dog, named Archie, had a leg so badly injured that the vet had to amputate. We are grateful that Clover took his rescuers to the house of horrors so that more animals could be saved. Ashley Gresham, 27, a resident of Spalding County, Georgia, has been charged with six crimes of cruelty to animals.

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