Family abandon docile pit bull in euthanasia shelter: “The house was getting ‘too full’”

Today, many domestic animals are abandoned by their families soon after they are adopted. This sad reality has persisted for a long time due to the irresponsibility of those who are supposedly committed to giving little furry homes a home.

One such case occurred recently with Stormy, a two-year-old pit bull who is very kind and loving.

Apparently, his family abandoned him just before he had his fifth baby, arguing that the house was getting “too crowded”.

Stormy was very depressed when he realized after a few days at the shelter, that his family would not return to pick him up. This resulted in a lack of interest and people in adopting it.

Over time, the crowded shelter could not support animals anymore and Stormy ended up going to the euthanasia table.

When everything seemed lost to him, about 2 minutes before the scheduled euthanasia, the “Eleventh Hour Rescue” volunteers intervened and managed to save the puppy in time!

In addition, they managed to find a good foster home for Stormy.

Currently, the pit bull has overcome his dark memories and is clinging to his new life as the cute, fun and carefree puppy he always was!

And it has proven to be a real delight with children and always very respectful of all humans and pets.

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