Family travels with a dog with terminal cancer and gives him his best last days of life

When American April Kramer discovered that her dog was terminally ill, she and her family decided to provide the dog with its best last days of life.

Libra was adopted 15 years ago, when April was 8, and soon became the pet owner and even the house cat. She was so docile that she never showed rejection to the feline, on the contrary, she knew that he was also part of that beautiful family that adopted her.

The kitten and the puppy were raised like real brothers. After a happy childhood, April grew up and decided to take Libra with her. It was five years in the new house until she, already quite old, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

With the little time left, the dog’s parents decided to provide her with weeks of loving care and pampering – her family wanted them to be the best in her life, no matter what the end was.

The Kramers knew about certain activities that she loved doing, among them, enjoying nature and going for a drive. This she did to spare!

He also ate and napped a lot, always in peace, away from noise and agitation. It was a very special week for her.

Shortly after, Libra passed away. Now the Kramer family is comfortable having given them more than a decade of love. This is the life that any furry dog ​​deserves to have and in exchange for all the love these humans have also made their departure something special.

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