I found an abandoned dog What do I do now?

Have you found an abandoned dog and you don't know what to do? Do you think you can own and do not know where to start looking?

If so, from Collares Para Perro we will give you a series of guidelines that you must follow to try to return the dog to its owner or offer a new home.

What should I do if I have found an abandoned dog?

There are people who have some suspicion to act when they find an abandoned dog, because they do not know very well what to do or think that a visit to the veterinarian will cost them a significant outlay.

But the reality is that most people who find an abandoned dog will try to help you.

How should I act if I find an abandoned dog?

  • First, show yourself calm and friendly, without showing your teeth so you don't feel you are a threat.
  • Get down and offer food and water that you will most likely need. Don't expect me to eat the food directly from your hand. Throw it away and gradually you will gain their trust.
  • Slowly approach him. A lost dog is usually disoriented, so he will easily get scared and try to run away if you try to approach him directly.
  • Little by little, start caressing him to relax and try to hold you. You can use a rope so that it doesn't escape, but be careful that it doesn't drown.
  • If the dog is injured, you better stay close to him and call the authorities. They will come to pick you up and they will not harm you.
  • Check if you have identification plate or microchip.

Do you have identification badge?

Currently, many dogs carry an identification plate where they usually put a contact phone where they can find the owner, if so Problem solved!

You may find a more modern sheet where a QR code will appear, with your SmartPhone you can scan it and read the information.

If you do not have it, it is best that you take the dog to the veterinarian, to check if the dog carries a microchip and thus know the data of its owner. Remember that the veterinarian has the obligation to read the microchip for free.

It has neither sheet nor microchip What do I do now?

Your best option is to call the Local Police (If you do not know the phone call 112 and they will redirect the notice) or the Civil Guard (in rural settings your phone is 062) and inform them that I have found an abandoned dog, since if the owner is looking for it, the most certain thing is that he has already called them to help him find it. In addition, they also usually have a microchip reader that will help you find their owner faster.

If the dog does not have a microchip, they will call the abandoned dog collection service that will take you to a municipal kennel or animal shelter.

Always try to be taken to an animal shelter, since here he will not be sacrificed and can live his entire life there, however, in a municipal kennel most dogs are sacrificed if the owner does not claim them nor does an adopter appear in a period of time.

You can always take care of the found one until you find its owner with the help of APPs of lost dogs posters around the neighborhood or advertisements on the Internet saying: I found an abandoned dog!

Or you can consider offering a new home and begin the process of adapting it.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

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