Kitten with feline AIDS is rescued from the streets and fully recovers with the help of the shelter

Nothing better than starting the day with a wonderful before and after, which shows the full recovery of an animal that was suffering, but that today lives with tranquility and love.

This is the case of the kitten Stein, a feline who lived on the streets, anemic and malnourished.

“Stein is a very nice cat that has been diagnosed with IVF. Since we rescued him extremely debilitated physically and psychologically, he has come back, recovered from the injuries he had and is now waiting for a home in our shelter 💙 ”, wrote the Luisa Mell Institute in a post shared on Instagram.

Feline AIDS (feline IVF) is an infection caused by the feline immunodeficiency virus. It is a complex retrovirus that, when manifested in the cat, is similar to that observed in humans with AIDS, especially with regard to the increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections. Feline AIDS, in particular, has no cure.

However, this does not prevent Stein from living a full and complete life. And that, now, is all he wants while waiting for a new family to be welcomed.

To adopt it, you can send an email to or contact the Luisa Mell Institute by clicking here .


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