Man goes out shopping and ends up finding a dog with a note: ‘Please adopt me!’

It was a weekend like any other for Lionel Vytialingam. He left the house to shop, as usual, when, on the way to the market, he found a sloppy-looking dog standing on the sidewalk, with a note attached to his collar.

As he approached, he managed to read the message: “ My owner is very sorry to have left me here with you, but he can no longer take care of me. Please adopt me! “.

Sensitized by the dog’s situation, Lionel brought her into his car and went to the market, while thinking about what he would do to help her.

According to the message, the dog was called Siggy and belonged to the Goldendoodle breed, a dog hybrid bred with a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, and was 5 years old.

After shopping, Lionel decided he should take Siggy home and look after her.

He fed her, bathed her and made her comfortable at home. Discreet and shy, the dog preferred to stay in a corner a good part of the time, until falling asleep. Unfortunately, she didn’t get along very well with the dog that Lionel already has at home, which cooled her chances of being definitively adopted by the boy.

The next day, Siggy was a little more comfortable and opened a smile on his face when he found out he was going to drive around town.

Lionel took her to her brother’s house so they could get to know each other. He loved the puppy and decided to stay with her, definitely welcoming her.

Siggy will keep company for two of his owner’s other dogs!

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