Natural toys for dogs from Retorn

We are very fans of Retorn, a Spanish family dog-feeding company that we talked about extensively in a post telling our experience with their food .

But today, I want to talk about the line of ecological toys that have been launched for all our furry.

And I say all, because there are toys for all sizes of dogs.

And why do I say they are ecological toys? Because they are simply toys made only with natural organic resin directly from the tree.

Organic resin dog toys

Today we know the variety of allergies that our dogs suffer, many times, derived from toxins around them.

Many of these toxins are found in toys with which they interact day by day: made of rubber, plastics, bathed in paints, … Anyway, you can imagine that what our dogs take to our mouths very good no is.

That is why, since Retorn if they focused on natural food without additives since birth, they have now wanted to do the same but with a line of toys he has called Rub .

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<p> <strong> Rub </strong> is a variety of toys manufactured, as I have commented previously, with natural organic resin and free of any toxic and / or harmful chemical for our furry. </p>
<p> In addition, being a resin, it has the property of floating in the water, which increases its level of fun and entertainment. </p>
<p> All toys have the same color, as I have said, they flee toxic dyes and maintain the natural color of the organic resin. </p>
<p> In addition, they are manufactured exclusively to stimulate the dog's instinct: it will stimulate sniffing, capturing, chasing, chewing behaviors … </p>
<p> Chewing is the key moment for them because the resin produces a stimulating sensation that relaxes them when chewing, similar to us with a stress relieving ball, instead, rubber, rubber, etc., they find it strange and try Always gnaw it to tear it apart. </p>
<p> A healthy success both physically and psychically for any dog! </p>
<h3> Our experience with Rub toys </h3>
<p> It is important that you choose the toys according to the weight of the dog, because in this way, there will be no mistake when the dog plays in the safest and funniest way. </p>
<p> We have the Bouncy and Flosser toys. </p>
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<figcaption> Uma playing with a Rub – Flosser toy </figcaption></figure>
<p> The Flosser can be used alone, throwing it for the dog to chase after, or by filling it with treats, which will make the toy even more entertaining if possible. </p>
<p> The bolus-shaped Bouncy allows the address to be completely random when launched, which drives the dog crazy when it interacts. </p>
<p> To us this line of toys seems a success, because it is designed so that our dogs can have fun, respecting their instinct, but above all, taking care of their health. </p>
<p> And Uma has loved the experience … Very chewable, fun and above all safe. </p>
<h2> Where to get Retorn's Rub natural toys </h2>
<p> Very easy! In the <strong> <a href= Retorn online store, where you can see the variety of toys they have and choose the ones that best suit your dog.

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