Nursery for dogs in Santa Fe in CDMX (Cuajimalpa and Álvaro Obregón)

Our nurseries in Santa Fe are run by dog ​​and cat caregivers who are experts in dogs of all ages. If you have a puppy or a senior dog, count on our pet care services to take a step or for the nights you need.

Santa Fe has three different areas that require different pet care services:

  • The business district : many businessmen turn to our dog walk services in Santa Fe to take care of their dog during job interviews, business meetings or unexpected extra days .
  • The shopping area : If you visit Santa Fe, our walkers can take care of your dog, taking him through the best areas of Santa Fe while you dedicate yourself to a pleasant walk.
  • The residential area : we received many requests for a walk for the first hours of the day as well as for the finals, especially during the weekend.

The best hotel for your dog in Santa Fe is in Take Care of My Pet

In Take Care My Pet, as you see, we have two services for you:

  1. Dog sitters : our caretakers have their house ready as if it were a perfect hotel for your dog so that you can sleep for as long as need.
  2. Dog walkers : perfect to be next to your dog for one or two hours on the days you need

So, if our services are dog sitters and walkers, why do we say in this article that you can find the best hotel or the most top nursery for your dog? Well, because it's true. We are going to tell you a story.

Why our canine nursery is the best in Santa Fe

The idea of ​​taking care of my pet came up one day that we ourselves needed a place so that our dog, Bebop, a beautiful corgi, could sleep away from Christmas parties . Dogs can't stand firecrackers, noises or crowds, and we had to go to a working Christmas party at the Santa Fe business center.

We searched the internet for dog walkers and caregivers but what we found were horrible places because:

  • They were cold
  • They were not hygienic
  • Dogs had to sleep in cages
  • They had no human in charge of their personal care
  • It was expensive

Dogs need human warmth and love

Given this, we decided to create an application that would serve as a bridge for dog owners to find something that is a perfect hotel for their dogs: a place where a human would worry about him, sleeping in a own bed drinking in your drinking fountain, at a good price and ready to solve any problem that may arise. Because, in addition, a dog not only needs a person to care for him in Santa Fe but the perfect person for each dog must be found.

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The best hotels in La Condesa for dogs

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The best hotels in La Condesa for dogs

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Take care My Pet has the pension for your perfect Santa Fe dog

That said, to find that canine nursery for your dog in Santa Fe in which only he imports, you just have to download our application to your mobile phone or use our search engine . Enter Santa Fe or the neighborhood in which you live . You will see a series of caregivers sorted by opinions and prices. You just have to choose the best one for you that is available on the chosen dates .

Choose the caretaker for the dog of your choice, in Take Care My Pet we have a commitment to your peace of mind. That is why you will receive photos and videos of what your dog does. That way, you can see his face and the expressions of his body in movement, knowing that he is not suffering from separation anxiety.

Against the stress of dogs: Take care of my pet

Thank you very much for choosing us. Remember that if you have any questions, you can ask us before you hire us .

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