Passport for dogs How do we get it?

Are you going to take a trip with your dog and don't know how to get the passport for dogs ? Where should you get it? o What are the requirements that your dog must have to obtain it? We tell you below:

According to Regulation (EU) No. 576/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council regulating the requirements applicable to non-commercial movements of companion animals between Member States of the European Union:

Dogs, cats and ferrets that travel non-commercially among member countries must be accompanied by an identification document in the form of a passport.

Said passport for dogs shall be carried out in accordance with the model established in Regulation (EU) nº577 / 2013.

To be considered a movement of pets and not a commercial movement, transport does not have to have any commercial purpose, such as sale or adoption.

The number of animals being transported must be five or less.

And finally, all animals must travel with their owner or failing that with a person in their name and responsible for it.

Why does my dog ​​need a passport?

To make your trip safer.

This passport for dogs will contain all necessary information, such as dog, owner, veterinarian or vaccination dates.

How do I get a dog passport?

Simply go to your veterinarian.

He is the only one authorized to issue it.

What are the essential requirements for my dog ​​

get the passport?

To travel with your dog to any country in the European Union you will need:

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<li> Carry a <strong> Microchip </strong> approved. </li>
<li> Have your <strong> rabies vaccine in effect. </strong> </li>
<li> Have spent at least <strong> 21 days </strong> since your last vaccination, except for vaccination memories. </li>
<li> If you travel to countries such as Ireland, Finland, Malta or the United Kingdom, your dog must have been treated with the <strong> Echinococcus parasite. </strong> </li>
<p> If your dog travels outside the European Union, a blood test should be done in an official laboratory, in addition to all of the above. </p>
<p> Since this process can take several months, start planning your trip in advance. </p>
<h2> What is the price of this passport? </h2>
<p> Currently, there is no set price. So it will depend on the country where you issue it and the veterinarian in which you do it. </p>
<h3> Remember: </h3>
<p> If you travel abroad with your pet, you must comply with all the established norms in order to protect the health of people and pets. So having the <strong> passport for dogs in order </strong> is essential. </p>
<p> If you fail to comply, your dog may have to be immobilized in quarantine facilities, deported back to his country of origin, or even euthanized to avoid any type of infection or problem. </p>
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