Pit Bull is found chained in basement of an abandoned house and rescued immediately

A man was faced with a horrible situation when he moved to a house in St. Louis, Missouri, which had been empty for some time. When he was settling in he noticed some strange noises coming from the basement.

When he went to investigate, he was shocked to discover a Pit Bull chained and abandoned in the dark and dirty basement of the house. The poor creature was choking on the chains as he tried to climb the stairs. Upon seeing the scene, he immediately called the “Stray Rescue of St.Louis”to help.

When rescuers arrived, they were faced with a scary scene – the entire area was full of feces and debris, indicating that the dog had been trapped there for some time.

Afraid of being attacked, they tried to get closer and were surprised when the pit bull started wagging my tail. It seems that even though he was in that situation, he knew he would finally be saved and was grateful for that.

After the rescue, the dog received the name “Jumping Bean”and it’s going well. Locals believe he was abandoned by an invader who illegally occupied the empty property before fleeing.

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Article translated from portaldoanimal.org