Price per day of a hotel for dogs in CDMX in 2020

CDMX is a very large city, so the prices of its hotels for dogs, nurseries or pensions may vary. However, on this page you can find:

  • The best hotels for dogs of the CDMX live where you live
  • Many possibilities and alternatives to hotels for traditional dogs
  • Hotels run by 100% expert caregivers on your dog
  • Professionals in the care of pets (cats, dogs and exotic) that send photos and videos of their status
  • Powered by what you give daily
  • With games, walks and lots of love

And all these services do not lead to our hotel service for dogs in Mexico City to raise the price per day for having your dog the time you need. Unlike. We will offer you a cheap price for you and very flexible. And how do we get it? Well, as follows:

Our hotels for dogs in Mexico City have the best price per day

  1. Each of our caretakers has a perfect hotel for your dog in his home of the CDMX
  2. Each caregiver adapts his house to a specific breed, size and age of a dog, to specialize in you
  3. This manages to combat separation anxiety. Your dog will feel that he is where he wants to be: in the house of a human who wants him
  4. You can choose the time of stay or if you want your dog to be also walked
  5. Each caregiver has a price, so you can filter in our search engine until you discover the perfect one for you

Discover in our pet sitter search engine in Mexico City the best hotel for your dog

We believe that every dog ​​needs a hotel just for him in Mexico City

And how do we choose our pet sitters who in turn prepare the perfect hotel for your dog in Mexico City? Well, very simple. In Take Care My Pet we only have people who love animals deeply, be it dogs, cats, fish, etc. Then we ask you to tell us about your specialty . There are those who say that dogs end up resembling their owners, but the truth is that there is a special magic that makes the ideal dog get together with the ideal pet.

Because each dog has a specific personality and the same goes for caregivers . There are dogs that need a lot of tranquility others need to do a lot of sport, play track, chase objects, track … On some occasions, you will need to have a caregiver who knows how to use medications in your dog, use injections or be a specialist in comforting them at night.

Caregivers for dogs experts in dogs that do not sleep well, pull the leash or destroy the house

For us, it takes two things to become one of the pet sitters who run our hotels for your dogs or cats:

  1. Having patience and a lot of love for animals, which requires having a special need for what they want and need
  2. Having lived in some way with pets so that the experience is on your side

With these two factors, we classify all caregivers in our search engine and filter by the different locations that exist in Mexico City. You can search by price, for the opinions of others who have already trusted these caregivers and for what we like most: for the times that same caretaker has already taken care of other dogs. This is the good thing about choosing a pet sitter with a hotel in your dog house than a traditional canine hotel.

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The best pet sitters and walkers of the CDMX

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The best pet sitters and walkers of the CDMX

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A dog sitter in Mexico City or a traditional canine hotel?

Dogs have been among Mexicans for many years. It is an ancient relationship. Dogs, century to century, have adapted to our customs to the point of needing our company. They love the routine, a day to day that is always the same and that they can predict. This is why this indicator is so important that it indicates the repetition in the choice of a caregiver, because after several lodgings in his house the dog ends up understanding that the caregiver is part of the family, of his routine, relaxing and enjoying.

That this does not worry you, he will not forget you, but will expand his circle of friendships and trust. It is precisely for this reason that our service is ideal for dogs with relationship problems, because they become more independent, moderate their attachment and, in addition, you can count on someone who will take care of you while you are away from Mexico City and that will inform you of what is happening to you and give you information on how to solve your behavior problem.

And how do I find the best hotel for dogs in Mexico City for me at the best price?

Well, it's very simple: travel to the iOS or Android store and look for our Pet Care application. Search according to your area and hire our caregiver. Thank you very much for choosing us.

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