Prices of dog walkers in Lomas de Chapultepec and Toluca 🥇

Do you need a dog walker in Lomas de Chapultepec, west of Mexico City, or in Toluca de Lerdo? We are writing these lines in December, next to Christmas, some dates in which our services are most requested, you know why?

Parties are terrible for dogs. If you live in Toluca or Lomas de Chapultepec you will know that what a dog or cat most needs is tranquility, tranquility and routine. Animals are beings much more emotional than cerebral. Mexican dogs live with their hearts, feel and love, but are not able to rationalize well the changes in their environment.

Christmas or any party greatly affects them. That is why a group of dog sitters and walkers have met in Take Care of My Pet with one purpose: to give your dog the best temporary home. In this article we talk about Lomas de Chapultepec and Toluca but our services are found throughout Mexico and also in Argentina.

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Dog walkers in Lomas de Chapultepec – Prices and opinions

One of our premises is to offer you the best prices and the best opinions for all the dog walkers that we have at your disposal. The way to work with our service is very simple:

  1. You download our app of dog sitters and walkers in Mexico
  2. Or you use our search engine. Both options are free
  3. Enter your location
  4. You will see many caregivers and dog walkers sorted by prices and opinions
  5. Choose yours
  6. Start chatting with them

A trick that we recommend to find the best one (and therefore we have integrated this function) is to check how many times that same caregiver has been requested again by another different pet owner. If so many people repeat it is for something.

Of course you might want something cheaper. If what you need is a really cheap dog walker through Lomas or Toluca, it is best to look for the newest. They may not have much experience compared to seniors, but they make up for it with great desire, love and good prices.

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Remember this difference between a dog walker and a dog sitter.

  • Dog walker in Lomas de Chapultepec : they take care of your dog for short periods of time, longer or shorter but without spending the night at home. They will walk by your side and will indicate, if you request it, advice to improve their sociability with their surroundings.
  • Dog sitters in Lomas de Chapultepec : depending on what you need, these professionals prepare a complete hotel service for dogs, pensions or nursery at home. They will stay with your dog every night you need (something especially good for the holidays), they will bathe you if you touch, they will comb your hair and you can sleep in your crib. It is a perfect service for dogs with separation anxiety, which today are the majority.

The best dog walkers in Toluca 2020

That is, if you go on vacation between December and January 2019-2020 and you are going to be away for five or six days, what we recommend is that you use our search engine to find dog sitters in Toluca . We have the following:

  • Caregivers with hotel services for dogs: deluxe service, with bed, drinking fountain and all the love in the world
  • Caregivers with pension for snacks at home: cheaper than a hotel, for shorter times but with full dedication in it
  • Nursery for dogs in the house of our caregivers: because puppies need special attention, these caregivers are especially skilled with puppies that have just been born.

We have the walker and the dog sitter you are looking for in Toluca

However, if you only need a dog walker to take care of you for that dinner you have with your family, or to attend it at certain times, then turn to our search engine to one of our best walkers pampers that little time you need. Thank you very much for our services.

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