Puppy whose owner died ends up alone on the street with a sign saying: “I’m hungry”

The solidarity of helping others without thinking about rewards, without wanting to post on social networks or anything like that, is something rare in this globalized society, where people care so much about the number of “likes” in a photo that can even affect the self esteem. Fortunately, there are always some exceptions, like the one we’ll see here.

When he lost his mother to a disease, a South Asian street puppy, he was completely helpless … having arrived in the world a few weeks ago, he didn’t know what else to do or where to go. Upon seeing his situation, a local homeless person, even though he didn’t have a penny, did everything he could to take care of that puppy.

The following weeks were not easy for both of them, but nothing to stop them from triumphing day after day. Unfortunately, when things seemed to be going well, the second tragedy fell on the little one: his best friend on the street, the one who did everything possible and impossible to feed him, had died before his eyes… 😭

The little one had no idea why his friends and family were “stopping” from moving so suddenly … unfortunately, there he was again – alone in the streets, with no one to tell.

Fortunately, things were not over yet for the dog, a pedestrian, despite not having directly adopted him, took a few minutes of his day to put a little sign around his neck saying: “I’m hungry”.

This may seem simple, but the puppy’s impact with this sign was tremendous!

It didn’t take long for everyone in his rural area to hear about it, which naturally generated some people’s interest, but the first to act was a local farmer who has been adopting unwanted dogs for some time.

The good-hearted man first brought some food and water to the cub, who devoured his meal and instantly had a good impression of that human. So he took the dog to his farm, where he met his two new rescue brothers.

Finally, our little warrior could relax and be happy, as every puppy should be!

He has already been vaccinated and will be in the care of the farmer until a family volunteers to adopt him, but until then, the little one is more than happy to wait with his new canine friends!

After so much sadness right after he was born, we wish this puppy could be very happy and make the most of his life!

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Source; portaldoanimal.org

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