Requirements for traveling with a dog by plane: Aeromexico, Volaris and Interjet

Your pet can also go on a trip with you, they can enjoy a vacation, on the beach, in the mountains or in a new city and different. But do you know the requirements that are needed for your pet to travel by plane?

If you are interested in traveling by plane with your pet soon, continue reading…

Before you should know that if your pet suffers from brachycephaly, that is, it has a flat snout (breeds such as the Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bull Dog, French Bull Dog, St. Bernard, Lhasa-apso , Brussels Griffon, etc.) You will have to check with the airline before as they often do not let them travel or in the cargo compartment as it can be dangerous for the pet.

You should also notify the airline you will be traveling in advance, that you plan to take your pet. Many times they only allow about 4 or 5 pets per flight.

Once you have verified this with the airline, now if you can start worrying and prevent yourself with the rest of the requirements.

What all airlines usually ask you to do is to have your pet go in an individual carrier cage and be made of rigid material. It is also important that it is cleared of all kinds of accessories, such as toys, blankets, carnazas, etc. The weight and size of the conveyor are verified directly with the airline but normally if it weighs less than 10 kg it can go on board in the passenger cabin.

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