Street kitten with anemia gets help from a shelter and fully recovered

Late last year, activist and volunteer Laura Malone, director of the NGO Mini Cat Town, a cat rescue center in San José, California (USA), welcomed a sweet kitten who needed help and of a foster home.

Named ‘Yeti’, the feline arrived covered in fleas and dirt, but with due care turned into a beautiful kitten.

Despite his diminutive size, Yeti managed to eat quite a bit as soon as he was rescued. The kitten is a warrior and always wanted to recover soon so he could play with the other rescued cats. He was well underweight and lost, as he did not know what had happened to his mother and litter.

At the shelter, Laura became her foster mother, and began her treatment by prioritizing Yeti’s stomach problems. He had trouble eating alone, so the volunteers had to feed him a syringe every two hours.

“I was feeding him carefully, dripping formula on his tongue and waiting for him to swallow little by little,” said Laura to the Love Meow portal.

Thanks to all the care he received since his arrival, a warm bed and a toy that kept him company, Yeti began to show signs of improvement.

Before long, he also finally figured out how to drink from the bottle. It was a big change for the little one who finally stopped being fed with a syringe and started taking the bottle with so much energy that it looked like there was no tomorrow!

“He learned and always wanted to drink from the bottle. I had to hold on a little so he wouldn’t overdo it, ”said Laura.

With each new meal, Yeti felt a little better. As the days went by, he was strong enough to get up and even began to happily massage the blanket.

Thanks to his voracious appetite, the sweet kitten gained weight, becoming more active every day and letting his restless personality emerge. “At mealtimes, I had to wake him up and he meowed very weakly. Now, he waits for me at the door and always demands food, ”said the owner.

In fact, Yeti turned into a mini-eating machine and ventured out: “He is no longer content to eat, go to the bathroom and go back to the incubator. Now, some exploratory turns on the ground are needed, ”said Laura.

The adorable kitten soon began to grow and develop all of its feline abilities; his Siamese features gained prominence at the end of the second month of rescue, and his charming personality finally emerged.

Since arriving at the foster home, the cat has been accompanied by a cute friend named “Dog” every time he takes a nap.

Then, when it was time to find their definitive home, Yeti and his beloved toy had to be together.

When Yeti was old enough to start a new chapter in his life, he was adopted by one of the volunteers at Laura’s shelter, earning a definite welcome – and plenty of love to receive.

It didn’t take long for the kitten to adapt to his new life and home, and as soon as he arrived at his new home with his humans, he took a long nap next to his toy and best friend.

Now, that kitten of yore has turned into a beautiful Siamese cat, called Labeija – a darling of his home and an indispensable member of the family.


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