The dog ends up being hit while trying to chase the car of the man who abandoned her

When we adopt a dog, it is forever. Why certain people fail to understand this is something we will never understand.

Markella, is a beautiful little dog who was cruelly expelled from her owner’s car when he simply decided he didn’t want her anymore.

She is like many dogs, loyal and true, moreover, as faithful and innocent as she is, she tried to pursue her owner as much as she could.

As if it were not enough to be abandoned, she was also run over by a car in her attempt to reach her “father’s” vehicle. The dog tried to walk, but could not get very far. She collapsed from her injuries and stayed there for more than 12 hours without help. Can you imagine how she must have felt?

For 12 hours people continued to pass by her, and no one ‘reached out’ to help her. But a kind soul who passed by had the decency to inform the rescue of animals. And they came as soon as possible.

Rescuers did not care how big it was, which many who went through took into account when thinking whether they would help or not. She was too weak to move, so one of them carried her into the car and then to the vet. Markella was a good girl all the time!

Surprisingly, the vet said, after a thorough examination that the dog only had one injured paw, but would be fine after recovering from the impact.

The rescue took her to their shelter, but it was clear that Markella was very depressed. They could see that she missed her family, even though they had betrayed her.

“It was very painful,” commented one of the volunteers. “To see such a loving and loyal dog being treated this way is negligible.”

Despite its size being a major obstacle to be adopted, the members of the shelter were determined to find a home for her.

As soon as the dog recovered from her injuries, they took her for her first walk. Even so, weeks after her abandonment, she still went looking for her family when she left the building. What a faithful girl!

“She looked around trying to understand where her family had gone.” explained one of the volunteers. “Despite everything, Markella is still loyal, totally unaware of why they left her behind.”

Your new caregivers worked to earn your trust and love. If she was successful in a new home, they would need to test how she would react to other animals. And, of course, as the good girl that she is, she did very well!

Wonderful news came a few months later: Markella found a home forever! She moved to the UK, where she has many friends at the local park and little brothers to play at home. Her new family values ​​her. They will never let you down as your last family.

Just look at that smile! It’s good that Markella is happy now! And this time forever!

Thanks to the rescuers and volunteers who never gave up on her!

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