Veterinary care and over-the-counter products

The care of a dog should always be supported by the veterinarian.

However, there are many medications or products that can be purchased without a prescription.

It is important that before buying any medication or veterinary products for dogs consult with the expert to determine if the dog needs it, or which may be the best option.

You should always think about the health of dogs before buying something and never medicate the dog according to our diagnosis.

Role of the veterinarian

A veterinarian is the person trained to provide general health to animals. This time, to the dogs.

Therefore, having a trusted one is essential to ensure that the dog is always healthy.

The veterinarian is responsible for correctly diagnosing and treating animals that are sick or have any type of injury.

Similarly, veterinarians are responsible for preventing any disease by providing medication and vaccines to dogs.

What is a veterinary pharmacy?

It is an establishment dedicated to the health of all animals. They are responsible for supplying or selling medicines and veterinary products for dogs or for the general care of any animal. Some with a prescription and some not.

Likewise, a veterinary pharmacy is not only limited to the sale of medicines or animal products, but in the vast majority they provide advice to buyers’ doubts.

Few exclusively veterinary pharmacies exist physically, so over-the-counter medications can be found in regular pharmacies, veterinary centers or stores for physical pets or online.

Online sale of medicines for dogs without a prescription

There are many medications on the market that can be purchased online without having a prescription from the veterinarian.

There is a law called the Law of Guarantees and Rational Use of Medicines and Health Products, which allows the sale of those medicines.

The sites that are allowed to make the sale without a prescription must be on the list published by the Autonomous Community, and be legally authorized for the sale of medicines.

Those sites are: Pharmacies and / or establishments open to the public.

Of course, remedies that require a prescription cannot be purchased remotely, since you must submit the prescription for purchase.

Some medications that can be purchased without a prescription

  • Tablets or remedies in general for deworming.
  • Some natural anti-inflammatories.
  • Vitamins.
  • Medicines for your joints and bones.
  • Nutritional supplements for skin and hair.
  • Nutritional supplements that prevent the appearance of mammary and prostate tumors.
  • Tablets for dogs with cognitive dysfunction, herniated discs, others.
  • Nutritional supplements for dogs with liver problems
  • Tranquilizers. Ideal for stressful situations.
  • Healing and / or wound regenerators.
  • Intestinal regenerators and antidiarrheal.
  • Drops and others for ear care.

Non-prescription dog products that can be purchased at a pharmacy

You can also easily get products for dogs, as well as products for hygiene and / or food.

Some of the products that can be purchased without a prescription in pharmacies are:

  • Medical equipment: syringes, serum, others.
  • Hygiene: dental, body, eye.
  • Food.

So if you need veterinary products for dogs without a prescription, always buy them under veterinary supervision.

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