Where are you going to leave your dog this summer?

August arrives and with it the summer vacations of many of us. This year we have chosen to spend our vacations on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, we have to ride a plane and the hotel we have chosen does not accept pets … What do I do? Where are we going to leave your dog this summer?

Faced with this very common problem among pet owners in summer, Internet platforms have innovated and created something similar to Airbnb but for dogs.

There are dogs that are more fearful and do not feel comfortable in a residence, where most owners usually leave their pets during their vacation days.

For this reason, they have created a solution to the problems of these people who have somewhat more shy or problematic dogs.

Web platforms that contact dog owners with caregivers.

Websites or app that put pet owners and caregivers in contact with Airbnb mode. Platforms such as Gudog, DogBuddy or Holidog are some of the companies that provide carers with which you can leave your dog this summer.

Gudog arose as a result of a bad experience that the founder, Loly Garrido, had with a canine residence. There, they kept the dogs in cages, with hardly any contact with other dogs and with very short walks, so Loly always wanted to leave her dog with a trusted person, but there is not always someone available.

For this reason, he created Gudog a web platform that connects owners who need a caretaker for their dog at some time,
thus allowing each owner to find the perfect caretaker , that trustworthy person, for your pet. Making the reservation conveniently and guaranteeing secure payment.

For these services, Gudog will take 19% as commission costs, of all transactions made to caregivers, who receive a minimum payment between € 6 and € 10 per day depending on the service provided.

In addition, when booking, owners are guaranteed veterinary coverage in the event of an accident.

On this platform, you can find all the profiles of the caretakers, with photos of their homes and ratings of other previous owners who have trusted him, so that you can know something about your dog's new caretaker before leaving it.

Thus, many owners who have used this platform to contact a caregiver comment that:

It's like leaving your dog with a trusted friend

In DogBuddy another of the platforms dedicated to this, they claim to conduct a quality study of the selected people, so that they all sit down and be true animal lovers.

For these services, caregivers will choose to charge the fee, but will be at a minimum of € 8 per accommodation and € 5 per ride. The commission taken in this case DogBuddy is 15%.

In Holidog you must pay a monthly amount and the compensation that the caregiver imposes in each case.

Dog residences, another option to leave your dog this summer.

On the other hand, you will always have the alternative of leaving your dog this summer in a residence, but from Collares Para Perro we believe that this is a very good option to leave your dogs with a person who loves animals and that It will surely treat you individually and offer you personalized love and exceptional care.

Your dog will thank you and you will enjoy the holidays like never before, without any worries, knowing the status of your pet at all times and with the guarantees of a good caretaker.

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