[ You should avoid ] The 10 Dangerous Foods People Give to Their Dogs Without Realizing It

When someone adopts a dog, one of the big concerns is the subject of feeding. Many times, people give food to their dogs without knowing how harmful they can be to the animal’s health.
There are certain foods that should be avoided at all costs if we want to avoid damaging the health of our beloved dog.

It is very common to hear people say that dogs can eat any food without any problems. Something that’s totally untrue.
We must be aware of the food we give our dogs and control their diet.

Below, we will list the 10 foods which are devastating and could kill our dogs.


from schnauzi.com

Chocolate is a fatal food for our dog. It contains a substance known as theobromine, an alkaloid that is obtained from the cocoa plant that stimulates the central nervous system of the animal causing bronchodilation and various cardiovascular effects.

Dogs cannot eliminate theobromine with ease, something that makes it a toxic agent for them. It is estimated that only an amount of 6 grams per kilogram of dog weight can be lethal.
Signs of dog chocolate poisoning include increased general activity, diarrhea, vomiting, urinary incontinence, increased heart rate, increased respiratory rate, tremors, and spasms.

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